Ahmedabadi people are very lively and jovial. Read to know about the people of Ahmedabad, India.

Ahmedabad People

Ahmedabad PeoplePeople of Ahmedabad, India are very lively and cherish each and every moment of their lives. They believe in living life in a very simplistic manner. When it is the time for festivity, the whole city gets excited and celebrates the festive occasion with zest and zeal. People out here are very fond of food. This explains the reason why the restaurants and cafes in Ahmedabad are always thronged by people.

Full of energy and enthusiasm, you'll never find an Ahmedabadi sitting idle. They'll always be engrossed with one or the other work. Ahmedabadi people derive great pleasure in shopping. It is owing to this reason that, the shopping malls are mushrooming in number. Other popular places include picnic spots, theatres, and water parks. Ahmedabad is a place full of colors. Wherever you'll go, you'll get to see people clad in colorful attire. Ahmedabad people are very fun loving and have a lot of respect for the traditions and customs of their community.