Ahmedabad is a land of fairs and festivities. Read about the major fairs and festivals of Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad Fairs & Festivals

Ahmedabad is a land of fairs and festivities. The celebrations take place on a real grand scale in Ahmedabad. There is a festivity for each occasion then be it the change of season or the time for harvesting the crops or an occasion of religious significance. Ahmedabad fairs and festivals are based on the solar and lunar calendars that were brought in use for astrology in the olden times. The different fairs & festivals of Ahmedabad enable the locals as well as tourists to catch glimpses of the diverse cultural traditions of Gujarat.

The celebrations of religious festivities like Navratri, Diwali and Holi that are dedicated to Gods and Goddesses are truly secular in nature and people of all communities participate enthusiastically in all the festival celebrations. Apart from the national festivals that are celebrated all over the country with fervor and gaiety, there are some festivities that are specific to the state of Ahmedabad like the international kite festival and international furniture festival. Even the celebration of Navratri, the festivity of nine nights, is special in Ahmedabad.

Uttarayan International Kite Festival
Uttarayan international kite festival usually falls on a bright shining day with clear skies. The wind is strong enough to lift plenty of kites high up in the air. It is also celebrated to observe the end of winter season and give a warm welcome to the summer season. It is during this festive occasion that, Ahmedabad turns into a hub of life. The entire city is abuzz with activities and feasts. On the day of international kite festival, people keep aside all their work and head their way to the open fields or terrace of their house for flying kites.

Navratri Festival Ahmedabad
Devoted to Goddess Shakti, the Navratri festival in Ahmedabad is celebrated with gaiety and fervor. The main highlight of the festivity of nine nights is the folk dance of Gujarat called Garba. Each day of the fiesta begins with the performance of aarti. The entire state of Ahmedabad gets energized with the thought of celebrating the Navratri festival.

Trade fairs that are usually held in Ahmedabad are:
  • Education Worldwide India
  • Travel & Tourism Fair
  • AgriFare
  • Energy Expo
  • Textile Garment Technology & Machinery Expo (TGTE)