Given here is information on the customs & traditions of Ahmedabad, India. Check out Ahmedabad customs.

Ahmedabad Customs

Every place has its own set of customs and traditions and when you are planning to visit a particular place, it becomes of prime importance to be aware of the customs that are followed there. You might be behaving in a very decent manner, but your conduct may be considered indecent according to the other person's customs. Well, in this article, we will provide you with information on the customs of Ahmedabad, India so read on…

Customs & Traditions of Ahmedabad
  • When it comes to greeting someone, people call each other by names and shake hands. For wishing the elders, people fold their hands and wish 'Namaste'.
  • Guests are given a warm welcome by people.
  • For business meetings, people dress in formals. For men, the formal dress consists of business suit and for women, it is mainly the sari.
  • In most of the houses, people take off their shoes at the house entrance and this is expected out of the guests also.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited at public places like restaurants.
  • People in Ahmedabad do not indulge in boozing. Though, alcoholic drinks can be obtained at a nominal price from the shops at airport.
  • It is customary to pay a tip of 10% of the total bill to the waiters, bar tenders and taxi drivers.