There are lots of places for entertainment & recreation in Ahmedabad. Read about entertainment in Ahmedabad.

Entertainment in Ahmedabad

Entertainment in AhmedabadThere are myriad places for entertainment & recreation in Ahmedabad. There are multiplex cinemas, where you can enjoy yourself. Kankaria Lake, the view of which is very pleasing, is one of the best places for organizing family picnics. After spending a hectic day, it serves as an oasis of serenity. For the kids, what can be a better place than Water Park? To know more about the entertainment places in Ahmedabad, read on…

Club culture does not have much of relevance in the Ahmedabad city. For recreation, the first place that strikes the mind undoubtedly consists of the multiplexes and cinema halls. For recreation and entertainment, there are places where live drama and music performances are held on a regular basis. When it comes to making merriment, the entire state of Gujarat is in its full mood of celebration, then be it the celebration of any occasion.

Gujarat is famous all over the country for its various folk dance forms. To name a few, we have Dandiya Raas, Tippani, Luvar and Adivasi dances, Matki Nritya and many more. There are lots of activities that you can carry out with your kids in Ahmedabad. You can indulge in go-carting and swimming, visit amusement parks, zoological gardens and check out aquariums. Also available are the facilities of boating to make your trip real enjoyable.

Ahmedabad does not have an active nightlife. Everything out here, as in the shops, restaurants etc close pretty early. Youngsters feel disappointed at times, as they are not able to enjoy the late night discothèque parties. For those, who have a keen interest in exploring the cultural heritage of India, Ahmedabad has a lot to offer. There are numerous monuments in Ahmedabad that speak of the glorious past of the country. The music lovers can check out the fabulous classical Indian music and dance concerts that Ahmedabad keeps hosting every now and then. Thus, entertainment is not a problem in Ahmedabad. .