The electricity and voltage in Ahmedabad is about 220volts/ 50 hertz. Read about the current in Ahmedabad.

Voltage in Ahmedabad

Voltage in AhmedabadIn this article, we will provide you with information on the electricity and voltage in Ahmedabad. We will brief you on the current in Ahmedabad. The voltage in Ahmedabad and the frequency at which the electricity is available is about 220volts/50 hertz. Thus, the equipments function on 220 volts, AC supply. If the equipment does not conform to the voltage level, then there arises a need to install transformers.

The rate of load shedding is high in Ahmedabad. Every now and then, the city suffers from power cuts. This is one of the main reasons for visiting the wonderful Ahmedabad city during the cooler months, when the weather is pleasant and does not cause much of inconvenience, even if there is no electricity. In Ahmedabad, the round plug point sockets are used instead of the flat ones. So, if your equipment has a flat pin plug, then take along a combination plug that can be fitted into the round pin socket.