Given here is information on how to dress in Ahmedabad. Check out what clothes to wear in Ahmedabad.

What to Wear In Ahmedabad

When you are planning a trip to Ahmedabad, it become of prime importance to become aware of the customs and traditions followed over there. It is also vital to know as to what to wear in Ahmedabad. Talking about how to dress in Ahmedabad, you should dress up in a decent manner, which does not invite any unwanted attention. To know as to what sort of clothes to wear in Ahmedabad, read on…

Since, Ahmedabad lies in the desert area in the state of Gujarat; it experiences extreme type of climate. So, the weather is usually hot and humid. In this scenario, it is advisable to take along some light cotton clothing. Not only, it is comfortable, but also helps in absorbing sweat. However, if you are planning your tour during winters, you are required to pack light woolen wear.

The traditional dress of Gujarati men is the kurta (called zabbho) and pajama (called lehanghas). Ahmedabad, being the hub of commercial activities, is highly influenced by the western culture, which is also reflected in the dressing style of people. In the contemporary times, the ethnic wear for Ahmedabadi people does not consist of the traditional Gujarati clothing. Rather, they prefer to dress up in the style that resembles the national culture.